The cruel relationship of pain

Eating Disorders, Invisible Illness, Migraine, Poems

Black heart bleeding
Dark heart

Don’t touch me
My skin is burning

Go away
You can’t understand the pain

Don’t be kind to me
I’ll snap your head off

Don’t make a noise
I can’t handle this migraine

Don’t be understanding
How could you possibly?

Don’t get me food
I cannot eat

Just let me be
The pain has descended

It’s only for me
To feel the punishment

The punishment for what?
I do not know

The bleeding heart
Will soon run dry

I will turn around
And you will be walking away

It’s just too much
For one person to handle

It is an existence
No one should have

What a cruel world
For this much pain to exist

I cannot accept it
For then I will die

Author Zoë Watson