Woman praying Tirta Empul

Bali you are a beautiful mistress
Who no one can really possess
You are a goddess who rules the heart
You challenge us to be our authentic best



Woman hands in air in fields at sunset

I started to heal
The pain
The circumstance
The resentment


Fibromyalgia, Poetry

Woman sitting fading to black

You are a cruel mistress
You come and go as you please
You keep me home & don’t let me out
Your currency is pain

Domestic Violence


Hand with stop written

You loved me
I trusted you
We got married

You hated me
Then you loved me
Then you cried



Woman looking into cracked mirror

A teenager
Full of hurt, pain and anger
I need to get it out

A lost girl
Trying to find her way
Take her power back

The Irony of Pain

Fibromyalgia, Poetry

Girl with tear running down face

As some of you know, I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Migraines.
I wrote the following poem whilst on a 3 month sabbatical in Greece, looking for our next Bliss International Enterprise Venture.