Poem for Drew


Hi love,

So good to talk tonight … It’s hard to know what to say, but I hope the following poem helps.

It’s written for Drew. I wrote it the night I heard he’d left us.

I hope it’s ok to read out at the funeral.

Love you xxxxx

Dear Drew,

Though sometimes in your world
You couldn’t see it
You were Loved so much

The selfless acts of parents
The shaping of their lives
The strong hearts & beautiful soul
And smiles… Regardless

A sister standing by
Helpless, affected, scared
A strong woman who learnt to live life to the full…
Thanks … very much… to you

Through your hardships
Others have learnt
Humility, real selfless love, patience,
Self-control, how to overcome

The people in your life
Are beautiful people
Able to blossom & grow
Whilst nurturing your soul

The people in your life
Are strong people
The strongest I know
Because of you

Everybody who loves you
Want more than anything
For you to find Peace

To rest your heavy burden
To rest your weary head
On the softest pillow in heaven

Peace at least is yours
No more turmoil
No more pain

The angels have taken your soul
So you can feel love & happiness
And all things good again

The sadness left behind
Will turn into love, support & unity
For one another … Friends & family, thankyou brother

Your gift to the world
And to your family
Is that of appreciation of the
Lives & freedom we have

We thankyou for holding on so long
In order for us to learn & grow

But now we are so thankful for your peace
The peace you deserve…

Now you can look down from above
And see and feel and know the LOVE.

Love Always, Zoë xxxxx