Happiness Eludes Me


Girl with head in blackened hands
Girl with head in blackened hands

You know those days
Where everything seems hard
Such a struggle
Then the next day is the same

Health, work, relationships
It all seems too hard
You try to make it easier
It gets harder

I look for people to help
By offering jobs
And they decline
I need help

I reach out to family
But they’re not available
Or worse they shut me down
I’m just wanting to share love

I’ve started looking at
Excessive ways to help my health
Do I really think surgery
Is the best option?

I feel helpless
I feel stuck
I feel like giving up
Maybe I just need space

Whatever it is
It seems a reflection from me
Like the world can see my darkness
And shy’s away

The flow has slowed
Though business is good
I’m not good
Happiness eludes me.

Author Unknown