Dearest Amelia

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Person with aura
Person with aura

Dearest Amelia
The girl in the bubble
The bravest most compassionate person I know
You don’t deserve this struggle

Why? Is the question on my mind.
Why do you suffer so much?
Why have you had so much horrible backlash from other humans?
Why ?

You are the most beautiful soul.
So why is the struggle to breathe so real?
Something that most of the living take for granted.
Is something you are present with in every moment.

The fear
I can’t even imagine
The courage
I am in such awe and admiration of

When I see your soul
I see so much red and orange and yellow energy
Like a fire burning
The fire of a true warrior goddess who fights until the very end

At the same time I see
A beautiful calm glow of pink
A translucent warm white
A soft, cool mint green

The colours of peace, calm & serenity
The essence of good
The deep knowledge of healing
The best of humanity

You are loved
You are worthy
You are beautiful and amazing
You are so humble

Sending you love, peace and breath
In your time of need
Please know your courage is an inspiration
And your heart is necessary for the earth and humanity.

Much Love, Zoë

Amelia Hill is a great friend of Zoë's and have known each other for over 25 years. She is a wealth of alternative health information from her own extreme health experiences. You can follow her at or on Facebook at or amazingameliahill on Instagram